Hi Friends!

I was missing from the blog for almost 6-7 months and I am really sorry for that but, would like to share that i have created my own YouTube channel – “The Closet Jazz”

So, I hope you understood the my reason behind missing out for this real long. Also, couple of things at work front kept me bit too occupied and i had no option but to put my attention and time there after all i have to pay bills at the end .

Nonetheless, let’s get back to today’s topic Shirting all day!

No guess point for this because we all love our shirts and if the shirt is super comfy we even can spend our whole day in it guilt free.

Shirt dress are raining the trend this season from checkers to plain to nautical stripes you get to see all of it . Celebrities like Gigi Hadid ,Alia Bhatt ,Sonakshi Sinha has proven the fact that you can make look any garment (Be it the Shirt ) super sexy yet very chic.

One can wear a long ill fitted shirt as a dress paired with sneakers or to keep your girly game on one can wear a long shirt as a layering on fitted LBD club it with your inches and you are good to go lady:)





I got this shirt from Max Fashion and paired with my Oxford shoes for a movie date.

I hope you like it !

Please for me on

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Youtube – The Closet Jazz

See you soon with new post .


Pooja A Sarin


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